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Astropark 5 a side Dublin
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The Subs Bench – find a team or a player

Players – ‘Free Agents’

Fancy playing at Astropark for free? Then join our ‘subs bench’ and we’ll find you extra games throughout the week. You tell us your standard, and we’ll find you a game with a similar age group and standard. If you want to play league, we’ll find you a team or if you want a friendly kick about, we’ll find you as many games as you can play.

Typically, if you are helping a group make their full squad then they may cover your cost. This is not guaranteed or assumed but it’s a nice bonus!

To sign up you can click here, or simply call 018060088 for Coolock or 014599822 for Tallaght.

Find a player

Struggling to get your full squad, then you will find a list of available players if you click here .

Or you can call us in Tallaght (014599822) or Coolock on (01806088) and we’ll make a few calls to help you get your full squad and to avoid cancelation.
Typically if a player helps you out to get you the full squad last minute, then their cost is covered however after the first game, this is not essential or expected for every week.

Find a challenge

So, some of the lads are on holidays this week but you’re still mad for a game. You can be guaranteed that you’re not the only one. If you have a small groups of players – say 5 or 6, and you’d like a challenge game, then just let us know and we’ll sort out a friendly challenge game. The team you challenge will be a similar standard and age as your group.

You should never have to miss out on a game again.

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