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Astropark 5 a side Dublin
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Live League Highlights on Astropark TV

Forget Match of the Day, now you can relive the glory and share your silky skills with the world thanks to Astropark TV!  You can now watch, share, save and relive video highlights of the Astropark league games.  Goals and highlights are posted every league night.


Leixlip remain unbeaten to claim League Title


Ladies 5s League Review 15th December 2016



Leixlip 5 v 4 AGP



Leixlip completed their season with a narrow win vs AGP to remain unbeaten and take their place at the invincibles table!! They were made to fight to keep their 100% record intact but  a very well organised and combative AGP side. It was even all the way through and looked like it might end in a draw until 2 minutes from time a great passing move from Lexilip resulted in a neat finish from inside the box to claim all 3 points. AGP were sporting and gracious in defeat and congratulated Leixlip on their season but I am sure will be back next year when they realise how close they pushed the league winners.


For Leixlip, the result capped a fine season for the team. Each week they have come out on top in each game, some close edgy games and some easier games. But like true champions, they never stopped competing and even when games were close they seemeed to have the extra energy to grab late goals to turn 1 point into 3. Chloe Carroll and Dara Walsh led the way in the goalscoring charts but the whole team deserves credit and especially the defence who had conceded least amount throughout the 8 games.


CONGRATULATIONS from all at Astropark and they can now enjoy the Xmas break with a winners medal proudly displayed on the tree.



Tag Archery AstroWars Launches

‘Lock and load’ for an incredible new experience at Astropark.  Tag Archery AstroWars is an amazing new archery combat game with foam tipped arrows.  This fun, action packed game is perfect for adults and teenagers, and brings all the excitement of paintball and airsoft but without any soreness from being hit.

So discover your inner Katniss or Hawkeye and book an event for you work mates, team mates or anyone you can find!  Suitable for kids and adults age 11+.  More

Rubs cant deal with Long Ball

Mens 5s League Featured Match: February 16th 2016


Long Ball 11 Vs 7 The Rubs


Referee: Deco




The first featured game of the new Tuesday night league saw Long Ball take on The Rubs. This was the first time that these two sides have met each other in the league, so both teams were trying to get the three points that where up for grabs in tonights game. Both teams where bottom of the table with zero points. A win for either team could boost them up to 5th depending on how the other fixtures later in the night would go. Long Ball where first off the mark they scored with a brilliant strike that shot past the The Rubs keeper and into the net. The Rubs got one back themselves after making the most out of some sloppy play by the Long Ball defense. Ultan bagged the next two goals in the game bringing the score to 3-1 in Long Balls favour. Darren closely followed up with a goal of his own to make it 4-1. Leo of The Rubs helped reduce the deficit when he slotted home after a nice through ball from Joey. Goals from Eoin and Paul made it 6-2 going into half time to Long Ball.


The Rubs seemed to grow alot of confidence at the start of the second half while Long Ball did the complete opposite. The Rubs where able to put another 3 past the Long Ball keeper in the opening minutes making the score 6-5. Long Ball did well to battle back and grab two of their own, Ultan Completed his hatrick and Eoin was able to get his second of the night. The two teams when tit for tat The Rubs scored, Long Ball hit back,  Long Ball scored and The Rubs hit back. Going into the final minutes of the game the score was 10-7. The fitness levels seemed to drop quickly for both sides and the tempo of the game began to become less intense. There was only the one goal in the final minutes, Sean from Long Ball put the game to bed with a half volley through the Rubs keepers legs.



Final Score 11-7 to Long Ball.

Long Ball

Long Ball

The Rubs

The Rubs

Players of the Match: Ultan from Long Ball & Paul from The Rubs

Players of the Match:
Ultan from Long Ball & Paul from The Rubs

F5WC Finals Day

The Mitsubishi L200 F5WC Irish Championships saw Sutton/Kilbarrack based ‘The Badgers’ play against last years winners, ‘Transylvania FC’. Both teams put on an exceptional performance, and gave the 200 strong crowd something to shout about. There was drama, goals and controversy, but it was certainly one of the best games we have seen in the competition to date, with The Badgers VERY unlucky not to take it to a draw at the least.

The winners, Transylvania had a tough run through to the finals, playing in the toughest group against Tallaght champions ‘Every Sunday at 7’.  The team needed skill, patience, and all of their small sided football experience, to get through a long one day event.  Congratulations to the lads, and hard luck to the Badgers.

32 teams took part in finals day, whittled down from 103 teams that took part nationwide.  Every team performed admirably and with a sportsmanlike attitude on the day.  Thanks for all for taking part and we hope to see you next year.

For more videos and photos from the day, check out the F5WC Ireland facebook page – www.facebook.com/f5wcireland/ 

Thanks to sponsors Mitsubishi Motors and Media partners Setanta Sports


Xmas Threes all Round in Tuesday League

Mens 5s League Featured Match:  December 1st 2015


Wombats 3 Vs 3 Wet Bandits


Match Summary 


As the countdown to Xmas begins, Tonights featured game saw Wombats take on the Wet Bandits. It was a very windy night for a game of ball. The opening minutes were tight as expected, niether team wanted to make any mistakes that could lead to the first goal. When the first goal did come it wasn’t until the 10th minute when Kennedy of the Wet Bandits took control of the ball just outside the box, dribbled inside and slotted away nicely into the far bottom corner. Wet Bandits doubled their lead when McGovern took a cheeky shot just inside the area, the Wombats keeper tried to stop it but it was just too well placed. The whistle blew for the first half, the score was 2-0 to the Wet Bandits. Even with the score at 2-0, the game was still wide open. The Wombats where denied by the post twice in the first and it was looking like either team could secure the 3 points, it was all to play for in the second half.


The Wombats knew they had to get the ball rolling early to try pull this game back, Callum scored their first of the game when he tapped the ball in after a mistake at the back by one of the Wet Bandit lads. JP Farley equalized for the Wombats with a spectacular individual goal. Wombats now looked like the dominant team,  they began to knock the ball around well and looked the favourite to get a third goal. Callum got his second goal and gave the Womabts the lead for the first time in the match. Callum buried the ball passed the Wet Bandits gaolkeeper, leaving him with no chance of stopping it. In the final minutes of the second it became every edgey. The Wet Bandits brought it back to 3-3 when Kilane got on the end off a poor back pass and slotted it throw the Wombats keepers legs. The match ended 3-3 and it was a fair result. The game was close from kick off to the final whistle.



Wet Bandits

Wet Bandits

MOTM Wombats

MOTM Wombats

Man of Match for Wet Bandits

Man of Match for Wet Bandits

Benefits of playing 5-a-side

Check out the many benefits of playing 5-a-side, with thanks to the guys at www.5-a-side.com, doing stellar work for the sport.
Whether you play it for the love of the game, to get fit, to socialise with friends – or maybe a mix of all three – 5-a-side is arguably the best form of exercise that you can do.

It provides an intense workout that few other sports can match, results in loads of social and mental benefits, and most of all it’s fun. That’s why it has become the people’s game here in the UK, becoming even more popular than the full 11-a-side game.

Just look at the evidence

A lot of work has recently been done to prove the health benefits of 5-a-side, and it has been shown that regardless of your age, gender or playing standard, it’s very hard to find a better overall form of exercise than 5-a-side.

The data out there is overwhelming, but we’ve condensed it down into this handy infographic to tell you everything you need to know about the greatest game on earth. (Click on the image to view a larger version on mobile devices).


No Name – No Points, as Compton Rap this one up

Mens 5s League Featured Match:  November 3rd 2015


Straight Outta Compton 8 Vs 6 No Name Boys


Match Summary


Tonights featured game saw Straight Outta Compton take on No Name Boys. It was a very cold night for a game of ball and the opening minutes mirrored the tepid temperatures with neither team wanted to make any mistakes that could lead to the first goal. The first goal didn’t come till the 11th minute, Damian of No Name Boys, he took control of the ball just outside the box, dribbled inside and slotted away nicely into the far bottom corner. No Name Boys doubled their lead when Pawel took a cheeky unexpected shot just inside the area, the Straight Outta Compton keeper tried to stop it but was so well placed he had no chance of making the save. With the score at 2-0 Straight Outta Compton knew they had to do something, they began to knock the ball round well and where able to get a goal back, Jamie buried the ball into the net from close range. Straight Outta Compton Made it level when Ronan scored a beautiful indivdual goal. No Name Boys didn’t sit back in the final minutes of the half, they pressed on and where able to take the lead once more. This time it was Prezemo on the score sheet, that meant the score was 3-2 going into the break.


The second half started out simular to the first half, it was very close, both teams where evenly matched. Pawel from No Name Boys grabbed his second, he dribbled past two of the Outta Comtpon lads and slotted home. This was the turning point in the game, Striaght Outta Compton seemed to take it up a notch and seemed to find the back of the net with every attack. Straight Outta Compton went on to score 6 goals with no reply from No Name Boys, Ordha, Dave and Jamie all slotted home to make the score 8-4 to Straight Outta Compton. Damian and Marek both scored for No Name Boys in the final moments of the second half but the goals came too late to spur on any sort of comeback. The match ended 8-6 to Straight Outta Compton. It was a very entertaining game to watch, the 3 points went to Straight Outta Compton deservedly so. This was the first defeat for No Name Boys in this Tuesday league.

No Name Boys

No Name Boys

Straight Outta Compton

Straight Outta Compton

Man of the Match - Jamie - Straight outta Compton

Man of the Match – Jamie – Straight outta Compton



No Name but another 3 points

Mens 5s League Featured Match:  October 27th 2015


No Name Boys 7 Vs 5 Old N Grey

Match Summary 

Tonight’s featured game saw No Name Boys take on Old N Grey which was sure to be an entertaining game. Old N Grey where coming off a shock defeat from the hands of Straight Outta Compton, this week they wanted to make sure the got the 3 points up for grabs. No Name Boys who are currently unbeaten in the league wanted to continue with the great form that they are in. The opening stages were tight as expected, neither team wanted to make any mistakes that could lead to the first goal. No Name Boys had a lot of the possession in the opening minutes but the Old N Grey lads where happy enough to let them pass the ball around in their half as they couldn’t make it much further. When the first goal did come it was from Damian from No Name Boys, he did well to slot home from a tight angle. Stephen from Old N Grey answered back with a great finish, he received the ball with his back to goal, turned and tucked the ball into the far bottom corner passed the No Name Boys goalkeeper. No Name Boys pulled away a little in the closing minutes of the first half, Pawel and Rafat both found the back of the net to make the score 3-1 to No Name Boys going into the break.


No Name Boys

No Name Boys

Old N Grey

Old N Grey

The second half started off the same as the first one ended, the game was fast paced and both teams where not going into tackles lightly. In the opening minutes of the second Stephen and Andy got a goal each for Old N Grey make in level for the first time since tip off. The game became very edgy both teams where conscious that a slip up could cause them the game. Stephen popped up to get his hatrick and also giving Old N Grey the lead for the first time in the game. Old N Grey wanted to sit on their lead and try see the game through, they where beginning to struggle with only having 5 players while No name Boys had 7, giving them the option to bring on fresh legs. Pawel made it level again when he cheekily back heeled the ball passed Mick the Old N Grey keeper. On the next attack, Damian took a shot outside the box and it deflected off Mick and wen behind the line. No Name Boys won a penalty in the final moments when Andy was sent off for an elbow on Pawel, Rafat stood up to take the penalty and blasted in passed Mick with ease. The final whistle blew and the game finished 7-5 to No Name Boys who still are unbeaten in the league. It was a great game to watch and the next time these two side play each other should be no different.

Vodafone League

Mens 5s League Featured Match:  October 21st 2015


The Expendables 12 Vs 3 On The Rebound


Match Summary 


Tonights feature match saw top take on bottom on what was an important tie for both sides. The Expendables had a great chance to extend their already massive 9 point lead. So far this season they have been solid with the maestro “Ronnie” leading the charges for his side.

On the other hand we had On The Rebound looking to get their 2nd win of the campaign and give them confidence going into an important fixture next week.

The opening exchanges were as expected with The Expendables playing some nice football and pegging their opponents back. As the first half progressed it became clear that there was no shock result on the cards as Expendables finished their chances well. On the other hand we had On The Rebound who deserved more for the commitment showed but at times just found it hard to break through a solid defence.

The 2nd half picked up where the 1st had left off with On The Rebound struggling to get a foot hold on the game. On the Rebound’s “Podge Corbally” was the driving force in the midfield with non stop box to box running and we even had some folk on the sidelines refer to him as a young Thomas Gravesen as he was a bundle of energy although this didn’t help his team as they continued to leak goals. At the final whistle it was The Expendables who had won the bragging rights again!!

Lets hope that next week Benteke Fried Chicken are the team to take The Expendables down of their perch and reduce the egos of a very confident and champion bound side

The Expendables

The Expendables

On the Rebound

On the Rebound

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